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April 13 th 2023 Update

The Ark is currently going through challenges regarding zoning and bylaw issues. We currently need to halt all new bookings.

We will still try to run some of the existing ones. You will receive and updates about your existing bookings few days in advance. All cancellations will be refunded 100%. We also understand if you want a refund in these uncertain times. 

This is sad for us as all we want to do is offer meaningful gathering space through authentic Finnish bathing culture.  However we feel that future is bright and many more opportunities will come. We will be opening more spaces and are certain that there will be demand for this. 

Sauna socials

Please join this telegram newsfeed if you would like to receive a weekly updates about community Sauna sessions in Vancouver or Squamish.  This is most simple way for keep you updated and app is simple to use. Also works on desktop. 


Our Sauna services:

  • We have a fleet on mobile Saunas that we rent for private homes , events and other businesses.  LINK

      (Mobile Saunas are in Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler.)

  • Cheekye Sauna by river in Squamish. LINK

  • Sauna Tents for remote camping adventures. LINK

Future plans:

  • We are looking for more partnerships and collaborations. Check for example this joint venture with Good Sauna. Link. 

If you have the space we can bring the infrastructure with zero risk.  

  • We are looking to open fully licensed location within a year in Vancouver. We are excited to tackle bigger projects with the team.

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