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The Ark Spa - Info page

Welcome to our private wellness venue and home called the Ark.

If you are visiting first time please read carefully. 

 Our address is 5570 Newton wynd

  • Street parking is fine for evenings and Sundays. Just park on our side of the street. Don't worry about street signs. If you are coming with friends or private group please carpool if possible. 

  • For our main entrance walk up the driveway past the house and cars and take stairs into the backyard.  You will find us in the will lit Sauna area in the back.



  • Water bottle

  • towel & optional robe

  • Flip flops can be nice. We have some as well. 

  • snacks and fun drinks if needed. 

  • Good stories to share

Park on the yellow area in front of our property. Walk up the driveway. Carpool if coming with friends Thank you. 

Main entrance Ark.jpeg
Ark Parking
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