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Welcome to our ocean side sauna experience 


General info and etiquette:

Spanish Banks stands out as a wonderful Sauna spot, and our goal is to continue creating meaningful Sauna moments while minimizing our impact on this beautiful location. With access to the ocean for refreshing cold dips, the experience is heightened during both high and low tides. At high tide, the ocean is close, and during low tide, a brief walk is required, offering a unique experience either way.

For added convenience, we provide the option to harvest fresh water from the creek that flows into the ocean. It's important to note that the creek is a protected area for salmon, so please refrain from walking into it. Instead, we collect fresh cold water in a tub for your convenience, ensuring a seamless and eco-conscious Sauna experience at Spanish Banks.

Please take time to properly cool off and relax in between Sauna rounds. We recommend the beach area as a chill zone for more privacy.

The Sauna unit we use here fits max 8 people. (9 tight). You can use essential oils with the water you pour on the rocks. You can also use refreshing cold water inside the Sauna to pour on your friends body. 

Ensure a consistent and efficient Sauna experience by keeping the fire always burning. Use small and medium-sized wood pieces for optimal performance. To regulate the temperature, adjust by either opening the window or pouring less water on the rocks.

For the best Sauna experience in our units, maintain an ideal temperature between 70-85°C. We suggest incorporating 3-4 hot and cold cycles to maximize the therapeutic benefits of your Sauna session.

What to Bring:

  • Towel

  • swimsuit

  • Your favourite essential oils (we have some with the sauna).

  • water and fun drinks, ( hot drinks can be nice on cold days.)

  • Sandals or water shoes can make ocean access easier.

  • Meaningful sauna stories to share.

  • If possible leave your valuables to your car.

  • washrooms usually  stay open 1 hr after sunset. 


Location Creekside:

Map link

Location is where Spanish Banks creek meets the ocean. Spanish Banks central parking lot on google maps. Look for a black trailer with small chimney. We are on the east side of the creek that divides the lot. 

You can use your car as dressing room or the Sauna when you arrive. Washrooms are 100m away and open till dark.


Location  Locarno (back up spot):

Map link

Sometimes creekside has movie sets or they are fixing the shoreline with heavy machinery. In this case we will be at Locarno beach park.

Times and Rates:

Sessions lenght is 1hr50min   

Last 10 min is clean up and transition time. 

Sauna fits up to 8ppl.

**Only free session for friends and community members**

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