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Sauna Tent Guide

The Sauna tent is a really great way to bring Sauna experiences anywhere.

Everything fits in the pack of a truck or Suv. Works great as Sauna or warm-up space. We use Finnish-made Sauna tents and locally custom-made stoves.


$220 plus gst for a weekend or 3 day midweek.  *Firewood sold separately

(Pick-up locations are Squamish or Vancouver)


  • TENT (pegs, 6 corner poles and center pole)

  • SAUNA STOVE (base, chimneys 2 parts , chimney cap,  and rocks)

  • BENCHES ( 2 benches and 4 saw horses as legs.)


(All fits into back of small SUV like Rav4 with one seat folded for the benches which are 4 ft long)


  • For Sauna-use let the stove burn really hot it will start glowing on the sides

  • Open tent doors if you get smoke inside when adding wood. This can happen if not burning hot or wet wood.

  • Please do Pour water on the  rocks

  • Adjust burn rate from the adjustment lever on base of chimney or stove door

  • You can also run tent as a warm hangout space after or before Sauna use. 

  • Fits 4-5 people

  • Use lantern at night time or candles and please be carefull around hot stove.

Below photos and video how to pitch the tent. Takes about 25 min to set up first time and ready for Sauna use after 30 min of burning the fire. 

For the Arcti Sauna purple tent instructions are here.

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