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Due to difficulties with Vancouver Parks board we are currently running the sessions without a official permit. This means if anyone asks (Park Ranger etc) these are all free sessions. We have no branding and not running Sauna as business. Until we find a solution we' ll only be at the beach one day per week. You can book a private session or join the community drop-in sessions with us.  


Private bookings (Spanish banks):
  • We accept tentative bookings for Sundays and Wednesdays. Our service operates on a week-to-week basis, and we kindly request payment and confirmation one week prior. Additionally, in certain weeks, it may be possible to book on alternative dates.

  • Schedule also depends on tides. 

  • Tentative schedule Sunday's 5 pm and Wednesdays's 6pm. 

  • We hold the right to cancel, reschedule and refund sessions as conditions may change rapidly in public locations and access to parking is not always available. Cates Park is our second spot for beach sessions. 

Rates & Info (Spanish Banks):
  • 1hr 50 min Sauna session. $270 with tax ( $290 outside normal schedule)

  • Community session $26 per person

  • Sauna fits 8 ppl (9 tight)

  • Included: Sauna, wooden benches outside, lights. 

  • Our staff will be there run you through the process.

Private Rental Options:

Check out our Sauna offerings for private homes, cabins and farms etc. Pick up or have sauna delivered to your home. 


Or rent our Sauna tent and take it to your favourite cold water spot.


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