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Summary of Summer 2022 Offerings

Vancouver and North Van :

Spanish Banks Sauna:

We dont do Private bookings Mid June- August. This is due to summer wood burning bylaws and parking issues. We will run some drop in sessions on rainy and cold days.  Info here. 

We are accepting bookings for September in August.

Booking Link

Private mobile Sauna rentals:

We have 7 and 9 person woodfired Sauna available for private rentals. You can tow one yourself of have delivered to private home, cabin or Campground. 420$ a weekend plus delivery.  Info here. 

Tality Spa

Collaboration projecy with Tality wellness. Private spa experience behind a brewery near second narrows bridge north Van side. Opening June 15th . Info here. 

The Ark Spa

Opening in October near UBC.  Sauna and cold therapy facilities in private mansion. This space also have a private workshop area.

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Squamish and whistler offerings

Cheekye Ranch Sauna

Brand new 14 person woodfired Sauna by Cheakamus river at Cheekye ranch Squamish. Drop ins 37$. Private bookings starting at 380$.  Open Wed 7 pm --> and Thursd 730pm --> nights and selected weekends.

Info here

Cal Cheak Sauna by glacier river

Sauna parked at Cal Cheak Rec site near whistler. Amazing spot to camp overnight or enjoy Sauna for the night.

Available June 8-12 window next.  This is a self serve Sauna set-up.

info here.

Mobile Saunas and private rentals

We have Saunas in Squamish that you can pick up and tow to agreed locations for example in Squamish valley. Pick up location is in garibaldi highlands. We can also delivered Mobile Saunas to private homes and campgrounds such as Porteau Cove. 

Info pages

Tent Saunas

Awesome way to bring Sauna experience anywhere. Pick up Vancouver or Squamish location. 220$ for up to 3 days, 

Info page. 

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