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Community Sauna sessions


Community Saunas play a vital role in embracing the rich Finnish Sauna culture. We firmly believe that Saunas are an essential service, and everyone should have access to high-quality wood-burning Saunas at an affordable cost, surrounded by good company.

Join us for social Sauna nights at Cheekye Ranch in Squamish or on the Beach at Spanish Banks or North Van with our mobile Sauna. Stay informed about our events by joining our Telegram newsfeed for the latest updates.

For Beach sessions, we share our community Sauna schedule 3-5 days before the sessions, and tickets can be conveniently purchased from our online shop. Our Beach season runs from September to May, offering you the perfect opportunity to unwind and connect with others in the soothing ambiance of our mobile Sauna.

Link for Community Sauna newsfeed (telegram)


Let's create memorable moments together, fostering good conversations and sharing exciting stories. To maintain a serene atmosphere in the Sauna space, we kindly request that conversations remain communal, avoiding excessive loudness. Feel free to engage in more individual chats during cool-down breaks, ensuring everyone can enjoy the relaxing and social aspects of the Sauna experience.

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