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Custom sauna builds

The Finnish Sauna Inc. offers high-quality custom Sauna designs and builds. We specialize in mobile Saunas and high quality exterior Saunas. 


Exterior Saunas:

Ask us for a quote for custom Saunas for your home. We work with electric and wood-fired Sauna stoves.

Mobile units features:

  • Build into 6x10 V- nose enclosed cargo trailer. 70 inch interion height when build. 

  • Capacity 7-8 people depending on bench arrangement

  • woodfired stove ( optional hotwater tank)

  • Lightweight , durable and easy to tow

  • Insulated and foil vapor barrier.

  • cedar lining (clear or tightknot options)

  • Fibreglass and gelcoat floor with a drain

  • Floating benches with no posts on the floor for easy cleaning

  • Storage area for firewood and cleaning supplies

  • Ventilation with sliding window and under the door.

  • Plugin for led lights or battery and 12v system as an add on. (1500$ 12 v system)

  • Full build weight around 3400-4000lbs depending on the trailer. 

Starting at $13,000 cad plus tax.  (Trailer price not included)

New Trailers start around $7,000 at the moment.

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