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Loon lake Sauna



In collaboration with Loon lake lodge & retreat center we are offering a woodfired Sauna experience in pristine wilderness setting. This Sauna can be booked during your visit at Loon Lake lodge.   

Info :

  • Open daily upon request. Ideally 24 hr notice required for our host to prepare Sauna for your group.

  • Sauna fits 6-7people inside and you have easy access to the lake for cold dips and relax at firepit area in between cycles.

  • You can book  Sauna for 2-3 hr sessions depending your group size. Sauna bathing is a great way to connect with the elements, people and yourself. 

  • Sauna is ready and heated for you on time slot agreed.

  • For Sauna we recommend bringing: Bathing suit, Sandals, waterbottle and towel. 

Pricing & Bookings:

Booking are private session for your group. Within the time period agreed you can take turns and have for example two or three groups of 6 to use the Sauna. 2-3 cycles of Hot-Cold-Rest will take about 1 hour.   

  • $290 for 2 hrs  ( Small groups up to 12 people)

  • $390 for 3 hrs ( larger groups up to 18 people)


1) Purchase 2 or 3 hr Sauna package from the Link below

2) Coordinate with Loon Lake staff for exact time and date that fits your groups schedule.

3) If you are allready at Loon Lake please message/find staff for available times. Pay for your session before you booking 

and show proof of payment for the staff. 


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