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Cheekye Sauna Squamish

Off grid sauna by the river.

Cheekye Sauna is our collaborative venture with Squamish Ranch. Nestled by a river, our 14-person wood-fired sauna creates a serene ambiance. Complete with a fire pit lounge area and a rain-covered changing space, it offers a unique off grid experience.

You can reserve Sauna socials on Thursdays and Sundays or opt for private sessions with your group of friends. Book your session now and unwind in this idyllic setting.

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Sauna by the ocean

Enjoy oceans swims with our woodfired sauna.

Indulge in a private outdoor sauna experience surrounded by nature. Our 9-person sauna is exclusively reserved for these events. Immerse yourself in the authentic Finnish tradition of a hot oceanside sauna. Delivered heated our team sets up the sauna for your group, providing a seamless experience.

These locations offer convenient access to the ocean for refreshing cold-water dips. On rainy days, stay dry under our rain canopy. (Please note that we do not operate beach saunas during the summer months.)

 A 1hr 50min session. 

Sauna to your home or cabin

Enjoy a mobile Sauna at your private house, cabin or farm. Vancouver, Squamish or Whistler.


We'll bring the sauna experience right to your private residence. Our wood-fired saunas are designed to accommodate 7-8 people, depending on the unit. All you need is a suitable parking spot for the sauna and access to a cold water hose or shower. The only connection required is an extension cord for the lights. 

You can book for a weekend or Monday to Friday.

Starting at $450 (pick-up)



Sauna tent

Take the sauna experience anywhere. 

We are now introducing tent saunas available for rent. These ultra-portable saunas offer the a enjoyable steam and sauna experience, allowing you to combine relaxation with your favorite lakeside or riverside spot. Convenient pickup locations in Vancouver or Squamish are available. The sauna accommodates 4 people and takes approximately 25 minutes to set up and 30 minutes to warm up.


Camp and sauna

Sauna delivered to your favorite Camp Spot.

Experience a game-changer for your camping trips! We deliver the sauna to Porteau Cove Campground, Cal Cheak Recreation Site near Whistler, or Squamish Riverside Campground, and even Alouette Lake. Spend a weekend surrounded by friends, a crackling fire, sauna sessions, and refreshing cold dips. This marks the most epic aspect of our mobile saunas. We are also open to exploring new locations!

Community sauna events

Affordable community Saunas in Vancouver & Squamish

Join our Telegram newsfeed to stay informed about our community sauna events. Throughout the winter months, we typically host two events a week in Vancouver starting at $30 for drop-ins at different beach locations. 

Custom builds

Mobile and permanent Sauna solutions. 

Are you seeking high-quality custom-built saunas? We provide custom builds that meet Finnish standards, available in both mobile and permanent structures. Stay tuned for more information on our custom-built sauna trailers.


Gift cards

Gift a meaningful sauna experience! Consider a private sauna session at Cheekye Riverside Sauna or surprise your friend with a delivered private sauna experience at their house for a weekend.

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