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Mobile Sauna delivered to you

Our wood-fired Saunas are a great way to turn your home into a healing spa. We rent the Saunas ideally for 3-4 nights but shorter rentals are possible for special events and gatherings. With 3-4 day rentals, you'll have time to enjoy the Sauna at your own pace. Invite your friends over for a Sauna night or drop into healing hot/cold cycle therapy with your family. Children can enjoy the Saunas as well, but usually just shorter periods. Our Saunas are simple to operate and come with instructions. Our Sauna add-ons include cold tubs, fire pits and wooden benches etc. to create a special Spa atmosphere. Our mobile Sauna units fit 7 people and the bigger unit for events and parties, 9 people.  

Standard Set-up includes:

  • High-quality Sauna ( 7 person)

  • Firewood for 6 hrs Sauna time 

  • All necessary Sauna accessories, ladles & buckets.

Private Sauna add ons:

Are you having a special event or gathering in your house or cabin? These add ons can bring up the Sauna experience into the next level. 

  • 1-2 large metal cold tubs that you can fill with ice or water $75 each

  • Propane fire pit $40

  • Wooden benches $40

Requirements for suitable Sauna spot:

  • electrical outlets for lights (not a must but helpful)

  • access to cold water shower or garden hose

  • The Saunas are suitable to be used in private driveways, alley parkings spots, farms, cabins etc. 

  • For add ons driveway or backyard is great

  • dimension: 6.5ft at widest and14 ft. long (fits into a regular parking spot)

Pricing (Same for Vancouver, Squamish & Whistler)
  • $450 for Friday to Monday or Monday to Friday (450$ if you pick up the unit)
  • $1.50 per km delivery fee ( 60$ minimum)
  • add on item pricing listed above

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