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Sauna & Camp guide

Taking our mobile woodfired Saunas to epic outdoor locations along Sea to Sky is one of the most enjoyable part of mobile Sauna culture. We have one unit in Squamish that we let people with towing experience to move. Otherwise we will deliver Saunas to your camping location. We have Saunas based in Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler. For outdoor locations, you will need access to fresh water and firewood for heating Saunas.


What to bring for Sauna:

  • your favorite essential oils

  • camping chairs

  • firewood for outside fire or propane firepit ( We can rent one as well)

  • Towels,sandals etc.

  • Pair Saunas with friends, good stories and cold water immersion

Cal Cheak near Whistler  (May-Oct)
  •  We have a 7 person Sauna 
  •  You can ask availability by emailing us..
  •  The spot has access to an amazing glacier fed river
  • All you need to do is book and show up. You can also camp here overnight. 
  • Video from current spot
Porteau Cove Campground (open all year)
  • requires a booking of a site in advance
  • ocean access, fresh water 
Riverside Campground Squamish 
  • In the beginning of Squamish valley FSR
  • Great access to Squamish river
  • Free
  • Pick up tow Sauna from Squamish
Other possible options that we have worked with are:
  • Aloutte Lake at Golden ears
  • Sunny side campground at Cultus lake
Starting at $450 for up to 3 day rental if you pick up in Squamish or UBC.
Delivery fees: $70 (Porteau Cove, Cal Cheak, Riverside Rec site Squamish Valley)
Extras to book with Sauna:
  • Propane firepit $50
  • Cooler full of kombucha $50
  • Rain canopy $70 (10 x 10 ft)


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