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Sharing the love for sauna culture

About us

Our vision is to provide connections and promote enhanced wellness through authentic sauna experiences.

As ambassadors of Finnish Sauna bathing culture, The Finnish Sauna Inc was established in Vancouver in 2019, initially offering mobile saunas. Today, we proudly operate two permanent locations in Vancouver and Squamish. Additionally, we provide the convenience of mobile saunas delivered to your private residence for events or to local destinations for camping trips.

All our saunas are wood-fired and meticulously crafted with a genuine appreciation for the roots of Finnish sauna culture. Our services extend to Greater Vancouver, Squamish, and Whistler.

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Our saunas 

Our saunas are crafted with love to adhere to the highest Finnish sauna standards, featuring carefully selected material for great Sauna experience. Feel the essence of sauna indulgence as you pour water on the rocks, creating extra steam, a practice known as "Löyly."


Sauna temperatures typically range between 70-90°C (160-200°F), and you have control over the moisture level through löyly—the infusion of steam.

Available in various sizes, our saunas cater to groups of 6 to 14 people. For an enriched experience, we recommend pairing our saunas with cold water immersion, good company, and refreshing drinks.

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