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Welcome to our sauna by the Cheakamus river

Important: If it's your first time driving on the property, please read carefully. We strongly discourage speeding and want to ensure you don't get lost. Contact numbers:
Cheekye Host Claudie 778 903 8523 or Valtteri 778 751 4180

  • Please drive at 5 km/h due to the presence of horses.

  • Private groups please meet everyone at main gate and carpool together from there.

  • Main gate (Map Pin) is large metal gate with red sign . Open and close on your arrival.

  • Follow Map link or image instructions. 

Cheekye map

What to bring:​​

  • Towel

  • Headlamp/light when dark.

  • bathing suit

  • Drinks / tea

  • warm clothing after the Sauna

  • good stories to share 

  • Sandals can be nice but not a must

  • Area is pet friendly but remember horses might walk by. 

Sauna Flow:

We suggest beginning your Sauna experience with the cold, but feel free to choose your own adventure. After each hot-cold cycle, it's essential to take rest times. For your convenience, we provide benches and a firepit for relaxation. Utilize the heated tent as a changing room, ensuring a comfortable transition during your Sauna journey. Pack in pack out your waste.


  • Covered and heated dressing area

  • 14 person Sauna

  • 2x benches and chairs

  • Firepit area with benches

  • 10x10 covered area if raining above tables

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