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Staff guide


Cheekye Ranch checklist:

Key points:

  • LOCK CODE  2112

  • Firestarters , lighter etc can be found in little hatch in front of the Sauna. Open the wooden lid. This is also where lights go on with red power knob. 

  • Mob etc should be in the side of the tent. 

Before the Sauna session:

  • Make sure you have firewood and firestarters. ( Make sure to start with dry stuff. Important to get Sauna hot with dry wood to avoid smoke. Start with small pieces)

  • Empty ashes and sweep extra dirt around the stove

  • Empty stuff from inside the Sauna and  roll out the mats etc.

  • light Sauna 45-60 min before people arrive ( load 2/3 full when starting) add wood after 10 min.

  • Canopy if raining lots. 

  • Water fill ups: Foot rinse bucket, inside Sauna bucket, Black tub for extra water (  can be close to river) 

  • Sauna ready at 60c . Ideal Sauna temps 60-80.

  • firewood that is used during the session can be kept in the table or inside the Sauna if raining lots.

During the sessions;

  • Make sure people understand the flow: Hot - Cold - Rest- Repeat. Often after cold people rush in the Sauna too fast.

  • Add 2-3 logs every 20 min or so.

  • Make sure people have water to use inside the Sauna and rinsing water outside if dont wanna go into the river

  • Encourage meaningful communal conversations inside the Sauna. 

  • Make sure vent inside the Sauna in back corner is open during the summer.

After Sauna

  • Add firewood for space to dry ( No need to put out fire in the stove)

  • Quick mop of floor where possible and lift mats up.

  • Things dry better or lower bench than floor

  • Pack up extra stuff behind the Sauna and leave front side tidy.

  • Close the door and leave some vents open.

  • Make sure people know where to get more fresh water.

  • Put out outside bonfire or make very small . 

  • Have fun while doing all that

Rainy day hacks

  • Make sure to have a canopy.  

  • Propane firepit is in the tent  

Finnish Sauna Guide
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