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Staff guide


Spanish Banks:

Before leaving to the beach checklist:

  • firewood, firestarters and kindling. ( Make sure to start with dry stuff. Important to get Sauna hot with dry wood to avoid smoke. Start with small pieces)

  • Battery bank for lights with charge

  • lighter and axe

  • Laddles , buckets , benches etc.

  • jack for stabilizing.

  • Make sure trailer is attached properly with pin in and lights working.

  • (2112 is the code to all sauna locks)

  • Make sure to have customers contact info ideally phone number ( can be handy if anything changes)

Arriving to the beach flow: ( arrive atleast 1 hour before first customers comes

  • Park --> wheel chocks -> detach trailer and park car ->level trailer and add jack to the front

  • set up lights --> take buckets and benches out of Sauna

  • Empty ashes and make fire ( fire should be lit minimum 45min before first clients come)

  • Fill water ( black bins, hot water tank atleast half full, Löyly water etc)

  • After all water sorted I usally do final mop of floor ( mats out just quick one)

  • Make sure fire is going and have small enough pieces

  • On rainy days set up Canopy on the beach side of the road. 

During Sauna

  • Feel the vibe and help customer with fire and water if needed. 

  • If dark make sure they have lantern to walk to the ocean

  • make sure they know where to get more fresh water.

  • Have fun while doing all that

  • Session are 1 hr 50 min. Last 10 min is transition time. Give them 10 min warning.

  • add good amount of wood 30 min before starting to pack. This allows good flow and Sauna dries.

Packing checklist

  • Tilt trailer from the front jack a bit, take mats out , rinse lightly and mop floor 

  • usually just rinse lower bench out of sand

  • Make sure the water tank is not too full and empty whatever water is inside the Sauna in buckets

  • Start loading ( watch that nothing can slide into stove)

  • Avoid sand getting into sauna

  • Usually once all hooked upped to car i close the doors so it can dry as much as possible.

  • At this point usually hot ambers in stove still. This helps Sauna to dry.

  • Make sure battery bank turned off. No lights on. AC button. 

Parking at 4164 Pine Cres

  • Make a loop on cypress street to end up on our side of street.

  • Park fairly early on the street around 1-2 house before mine usually has space

  • put on wheel lock  and leave it on side storage (2112 code)

  • Make sure Sauna is fairly tight to curb.

Rainy day hacks

  • Make sure to have a canopy. One I have is pretty heavy so will order lighter one as well.

  • Rubber boots ( remind me to buy extras)

  • Rain jacket

  • If really coming down hard I usually park near the big tree in the lot

Parks , gates and other stuff

  • They know what we do so no need to hide. I usually just make it sound more casual and that we are there just couple days a week

  • People rent our Sauna and we deliver to different locations is what i Say. 

  • Avoid propane firepit if they come and only burn low flame and no unattended fire. Open flame is only complaints we get for these fires. ( yes its silly)

  • If they wanna close gates early just communicate until when we plan to be there. I usually wanna be out by 930pm so less stress

  • River is just for collecting water. Its protected so people should not have a bath or walk in there.

  • Movie sets can sometimes take over lots. It sucks but then just quickly find plan B spot. I usually go Locarno beach park. Its rare but possible. Few lots earlier can work as well. Fresh water can create a problem.

  • Make sure you have headlamp and enough warm clothes etc.


Normal spot with creek

Back up spot no fresh water in winter. ( Locarno beach park)

Deliveries and pick-ups from private homes and venues:

Vancouver, Squamish & Whistler

Drop off checklist:

  • Make sure you have clients number and always text ETA and ask where to park in their driveway

  • Make sure to park as level as possible and leave jack to stabilize trailer. Every Sauna should have also wooden plansk to but under the tyres for levelling.

  • Make sure everything is available that one might need for epic Sauna journey.

  • The front firewood storage should be 80% full.

  • If they are home show how to run smooth ( 10 min) 

  • Every Sauna has guide poster. Lock code is 2112

  • Empty ashes

  • Make sure there is enough small wood and fire starters

  • Lock the hitch or wheel. Hide key inside the storage or keep key if you do the pick up.( I will make hooks for that.) 

Pick up:

  • Txt Eta to customer again ( you dont wanna arrive if they are still inside Sauna)

  • Pour out extra waters and make sure we have everything coming pack.

  • quick damage check

  • Tow to next location or home.

Community Sauna host guide:

  • Good vibes, avoid covid talks and monologue

  • Keep fire strong as its 8 ppl plus host usually so lots ins and outs

  • Usually somebody will lead communal OM. Songs etc are welcomed.

  • Its just we dont want 3 different conversations going on at the same time.

  • Nudity is ok inside Sauna but people need to towel up outside (complaints)

  • Pricing is between 22-25$. max 8 ppl plus host.  We have a telegram feed where we post link to our shop when tickets become available. SHOP LINK

  • INFO PAGE LINK you can share to friends.

Please let Valtteri know anything that should be added or doesnt make sense. We are so stoked to share passion for Sauna culture. 

Finnish Sauna Guide
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